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About vastu living

Vastu Living, which was founded in 1997 by Kathleen Cox, is a modern adaptation of vastu, India's ancient architectural philosophy.  A sister science of yoga and ayurveda, vastu and yoga share the same goal--to establish balance and increase our harmony. Kathleen Cox calls vastu yoga for the home.

Vastu Living understands there is nothing random in the design process.  Every design decision from color, light and texture to the discerning selection and arrangement of objects and placement of furniture triggers a predictable effect on the human body.  Once we learn the consequences attached to each design decision, we empower ourselves.  We create environments that positively influence our physical and psychological well-being. They appeal to the eye, the body and the soul.  They make us want to linger.

Vastu Living also observes the principle of holism.  Healthy interiors consciously celebrate our connection to nature.  They honor calming aspects of nature and encourage the use of healthy organic products inside the home.  Arguably, vastu, the world's oldest holistic design system, can be considered the precursor to today's Green Movement.

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